Working with Arfooo Script Tips & Tricks Tutorial

May 31st, 2011

If you are a non-coder you will find the Arfoo directory script a little opaque at first, much of the text is in poor English as its creator is French, the first thing you may wish to alter is the languages file {ftp : Directory(or whatever you have named it)–>languages–>en.php} which contains most of the text already on the template, for instance you may be wondering how to change the default text on the front page of the Arfooo Template, some of it  can be done here, by changing the text in the en.php file, certainly experiment with your non live version. There is quite a bit of poor English that you need to change here. Now, where else to change text, that can’t be altered with en.php. Go to settings in admin, look to the left column  for Text > Directory description> Terms of use> E-mails, here you can alter the front page description on the lower part of index page, make a terms of use page, and edit the auto email text sent out to site submitters. Next I will cover how to put another link in the top menu bar and how to make the header a fully clickable link back to your index page ( or somewhere else) again this info is most likely of use to the novice, but if you are messing with the script it will save you some time hopefully. Leave me a comment if there is something not clear.


O.k as promised will move on to placing a new link in the top menu bar underneath the header, this will require altering templates>arfooo>menu>menuheader>menuheader.tpl

(just a note all the links in the top menu have a specific width, so unless you want to alter the css file and start messing your page up, just put a short word as your anchor text, here it is Forum)

First we will edit menuheader.tpl

Here is my altered file, I have put my link in bold, what I have done is swap the link that was in there for id=cat for my own URL, you can do the same, add any link you choose, then save the file.

<ul><li id=”index”><a href=”{$setting.siteRootUrl}”>{‘menuMenuheader_directory’|lang}</a> </li>{if !empty($setting.newsEnabled)}<li id=”news”><a href=”{‘/site/news’|url}”>{‘menuMenuheader_news’|lang}</a></li>{/if}{if !empty($setting.hitsEnabled)}<li id=”tophits”><a href=”{‘/site/topHits’|url}”>{‘menuMenuheader_top_hits’|lang}</a></li>{/if}{if !empty($setting.notationsEnabled)}<li id=”topnotes”><a href=”{‘/site/topNotes’|url}”>{‘menuMenuheader_top_rated’|lang}</a></li>{/if}{if !empty($setting.topRankEnabled)}<li id=”toprank”><a href=”{‘/site/topRank’|url}”>{‘menuMenuheader_top_rank’|lang}</a></li>{/if}{if !empty($setting.topReferrersEnabled)}<li id=”topref”><a href=”{‘/site/topReferrers’|url}”>{‘menuMenuheader_top_referrers’|lang}</a></li>{/if}{if !empty($setting.allCategoriesPageEnabled)}<li id=”cat”><a href=”″>Forum</a></li>{/if}<li id=”add”><a href=”{‘/webmaster/submitWebsite’|url}”>{‘menuMenuheader_submit_website’|lang}</a></li> </ul></div>

Now we need to go admin>settings>mainsettings >Display allcategories page: (on) this will allow the link to display in place of the allcategories page (which is unnecessary anyway). Refresh you index page a few times and the new link should show in the menu.


Just found the French version of the Arfooo forum, the English forum is bloated with spam and just about unusable however the French version is alive and full of very good tutorials and addons, if you are  a poor French reader the Chrome browser has an instant google translate, so it makes the text understandable, here is good example, follow the link to the main forum for other ones.

Adding a text block to right menu :

And another : Add a new form field to the submission form.

24 Responses to “Working with Arfooo Script Tips & Tricks Tutorial”

  1. Towhid says:

    I just started translating this script in Persian. it took 7 hours to translate admin panel language file. main site translation will take much more time.
    then I must right2left a template.
    the script is very well coded and is ready to use. I recommend it.

    • martin says:

      Hi Towhid, that’s a big task, yes Arfooo is really an international script, I am still learning its many functions. All the best.

  2. Towhid says:

    Thanks Martin
    I had translated it. and R2l ed the original theme.
    it is as good as English, but as you said it’s English version is terrible :D

    I want to ask If someone has a good translated english version?

    I couldn’t find a good En.php file.
    Please send a link here so others can use too. ;)

    By the way my directory address is

  3. martin says:

    Towhid just found the French Arfooo forum, have you been there, there is a lot of useful info there, I am using the Chrome browser with instant translate, here is an example

  4. I am interested in replacing the search that comes with arfooo. I have a spider that crawls all the sites in my directory and would like to use it as the search unit for arfooo. If you could create a guide to replace the search I would be very happy.

    • martin says:

      Yes I can do that David, will post it when I have a moment, in the mean time you should be be able to hide the search box, by changing your css file, just look for all the entries to do with the search form and delete them.

  5. stanstar says:

    Was wondering, is there a way to change the search engine panel.

    I have check boxes and unfortunately they fall over the designated height of the category search options.

    im completely lost. do help?

    • martin says:

      Hi stanstar, to modify the search form find the main .css file : templates>arfoo>css>style and locate the text below, modify and experiment, keep the original copy in case you mess it up, trial and error, should do it.

      /* SEARCH FORM */
      #search {
      margin:20px 0 14px 0;
      padding:22px 34px 22px 34px;
      border:1px #1e6dab solid;

      #search_keyword_text {
      margin:0 0 7px 0;

      #search_where_text {
      margin:0 0 7px 0;

      #search_keyword_buton {
      border:1px #005278 solid;

      #search_where_buton {
      margin:0 0 0 87px;
      border:1px #005278 solid;

      #search_ok_buton {
      margin:0 10px 0 14px;
      border:1px #005278 solid;

      #searchEngineExtraFields {

      div.search_cat_place {
      margin:17px 0 0 0;

      select#searchEngineCategoryId {
      margin:0 0 7px 0;
      border:1px #005278 solid;

      .selectCategory {

      .selectSubcategory {

      div.din_search_engine {

  6. stanstar says:

    these are the files i edited.

    files for search field

    \templates\arfooo\css\style.css line(55)

    \admin\templates\arfooo\category\edit.tpl line(237)

    Thanks Martin!

    • stanstar says:

      one for admin is the one you should edit if you want it to change like the original and still want it to fit your buttons or check boxes.

  7. rasberry says:

    how can you get rid of the check box limitation. Even though i select all boxes, only 16 boxes are selected after save and in order.

    • rasberry says:

      you can fix this little issue by adding multiple “Organization fields” and treat them as one, when creating “Organization fields” only apply 10 to each one until you have desired results. this will allow for all selection for end user but is a little more work for your self and you wont have to continue with this annoying problem.

  8. stanstar says:

    Okay another problem, I am unable to select multiple options from the drop down. I have tried holding control and even shift neither work.

    What can i do to get this to work?

  9. MikeyC says:

    At last, english speaking people using arfooo.
    I am having diffuculties setting up allopass, anybody able to help me out ?

    I am getting the “The page you want to achieve is not (or more). Excuse us for the inconvenience…” message.

    I am using version 2.02

  10. MikeyC says:

    Problem solved, selected subsription instead of one time payment.
    Guess i’ll have to modify the code to be able to use subscription based payments ?

  11. MikeyC says:

    If you are looking for some Arfooo templates, i found one commercial site and one free site to get some templates.
    commercial, but nice looking templates
    free, but in the examples the images don’t look that sharp, some look kinda blury.

  12. Yap says:

    Hi can arfooo directory create 2 language display, for example user can toogle between french(fr.php) or english language(en.php) to view the site.

  13. Saurabh says:

    I Am Unable To Login To My Arfooo Admin Panel,
    Please Help Me As Soon As Possible……

  14. martin says:

    Saurabh, yes that seems to be a bug that occurs sometimes try logging on www. rather than http:// I remember that seemed to do the trick one time.

  15. mohsen says:

    how can i use Arfoo in persian language? I need it to be right to left

  16. Sean says:

    At last english speaking people using ARFOOO!! Hey guys I have searched the French forum flat and need to know how to add and center google adsense in the blocks just like categories, statistics and members area. I have tried a couple of ideas from the french forum but half of the page goes to the right and have been battling for days now.

    Here is one of the codes;

    Sponsored Ads

    I have been trying but I cannot seem to find the problem. Thank you in advance.

    Regards Sean

  17. Joakim says:

    Hello, I have been trying to find where I can create a new selectable “package” to but with no succes..

    How can I create it?

    • martin says:

      Joakim. go to settings scroll down to “Payment systems” on left, click on ‘payment processors’ set up your account (paypal for most people) then go back to the same place and click on “Manage criteria’ scroll down the page near bottom where it says ‘create criteria’, then fill out that form, this and you should be set up.

  18. Sean says:

    Does anyone know how to add links to the footer? I need to add 9?

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